PROTECT IP / SOPA Breaks The Internet

PROTECT IP / SOPA Breaks The Internet from Fight for the Future on Vimeo.

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New “IntelliDash” Vector Icon

IntelliDASH icon in Vector

While a lot can’t be revealed about the origin or the source for the illustrated vector icon for IntelliDASH, I must admit that since such a great portion of time is spent coding and solving CSS3 riddles, it was quite refreshing to start with a blank canvas and illustrate something from scratch.

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Free Social Media Vector Icons

Vector Social Media Icons by IconDock.comI found this fantastic little set of vector icons for pretty much any social networking/social media site you can list off if someone asked you to name as many as you possibly could.  There are quite a few “social media vector icons” sets out there, but I don’t think I’ve seen as comprehensive or well maintained collection.

That fact that these icons are being provided in their original vector state so that you can scale them to whatever size you need or make edits and adjustments or create your own in case any are missing, is what makes this such a fantastic set.

I’m linking to it here because the people over at deserve a bit of credit and recognition for making this fantastic set available to everyone at no charge.

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Facebook Tab for P&G, Wella & Sebastian

Inspired by Wella Professional and Sebastian Professional

Our good friends at Proctor & Gamble’s Wella Inc. once again asked us to provide them with a dynamic and colourful Facebook Tab promoting their new “Student Competition”. (Our previous effort was for their Ottawa Promotional Campaign and while the tab is no longer active, you can still view the content outside of facebook, here.)

To see the live version click here and make sure you “Like” the page as well.

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Mango Tree FHT – Multilingual


Mango Tree Family Health TeamMango Tree Family Health Team (Guelph & Kitchener Ontario) requested a multi-lingual site from us and with the use of  the WordPress Multilingual Plugin developed by ICanLocalize & OnTheGoSystems Inc., we were able to provide them with a simple and effective solution.

While a lot of multi-lingual plugins do exist in the plugin repository on, none of them were able to match the ease of use and quality offered by the WPML ‘for-pay’ plugin.  The manner with which it integrates into WordPress and auto-translates a slew of sections, in combination with the simple process for adding translations for pages and posts, is what really sets this plugin apart from the others.   Read More »

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