WooCommerce Product Add-ons with Custom Labels


Recently, while working with a WooCommerce shop and using the WooCommerce Product Add-ons extension, I encountered a bit of a problem.  I was unable to identify individual form labels to provide them with a custom style.  Each label in the HTML was simply:


…with no class attributed to it.  I was able to get a bit of the customization my client wanted using ‘:nth-child’ pseudo selectors in CSS, but it still wasn’t quite as specific as it needed to be.

So it was decided that, despite what I ALWAYS advocate to clients and associates, I needed to modify the original plugin to suit my client’s specific needs.  The code is relatively simple and it works like a charm – however, every time the WooCommerce Product Add-ons plugin is updated, I have to parse through the necessary files and re-edit the code. Read More »

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IFTTT – A WP Alternative To Social Plugins


IFTTT is a fantastic web app/service that takes an enormous amount of complexity and compresses it all into the most simplistic formula possible.  That is to say that “IF THIS happens, THEN do THAT”.  It feels almost magical and gives a renewed sense of wonder to the web.
One of the most basic set of instructions to ever grace the web and something that any and every programmer and/or developer is already very familiar with and accustomed to.  It’s probably the second most common argument or instruction written in code of any sort, after the most basic “DO THIS” instruction.
What IFTTT.com does so well is to take these simple arguments and allow you to just point and click to achieve a very complex action.  That’s what this all really boils down to, something super simple for you to manage, resulting in a very complex and rewarding result.

Over the past few months as Facebook.com (and other social sharing services) repeatedly changed their privacy settings and app requirements, I, on behalf of 30 or so clients, had to continually troubleshoot the same problems with different social plugins, over and over again.  Some of the fixes worked for everyone, others didn’t and I was forced to find numerous workarounds to the same problems. A few of the plugins were repeat offenders, experiencing similar bugs and quirks rooted in different issues week after week.   Read More »

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Connect LV13 & NATVA 2013 Poken Boards

Proctor & Gamble - Wella Professionals - Connect LV13

So we went to Vegas last month… …yeah, we did.  #EndlessInVegas, that was our hashtag.  Our favourite people over at Proctor & Gamble/Wella Professionals Canada had us down there to help out with the in-person networking (Pokens), social networking, social media, etc for their annual Connect training seminar and for NATVA 2013 (North American TrendVision Award 2013). We even ended up doing a bit of filming and video editing, but you know how it is, EndlessDigital isn’t anything if it isn’t versatile.

Prior to our trip we had to put together some fun survey and document collection posters for the Poken program that was instituted.  (Learn all about Pokens here.) In short, Pokens are these great little USB Flash drives that act as digital business cards.  Touch two of them together and the information, from person-to-person is swapped in milliseconds.  Plug your Poken into your USB port and you’ve synced all the data you’ve collected from the convention/trade show/seminar floor is uploaded to the event’s personalized portal.  Pretty amazing stuff.   Read More »

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A New Responsive RibbonCanada.com

Responsive eCommerce Design for RibbonCanada.com
The RibbonCanada.com site we did a few years ago was doing great bringing in traffic and inquiries; Intercontinental Skyline Group, our client, felt that there were missed opportunities in the large amount of traffic they were seeing because they didn’t have a proper eCommerce portion to their site.  After some discussion and showing them a few of our other clients’ sites, we agreed that WooCommerce was the best possible option and started our base design with a great theme called “FlexiShop2” – a full featured, WooCommerce specific, responsive theme.

RibbonCanada.com’s admins were partial to their old site design; they liked the look, the feel, the colours and all they really wanted added was an eCommerce system and whatever widgets, content and elements came with that.  They also wanted the site to be responsive and to work on handheld devices.  Read More »

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What the web should be…

Usage License from CSS Tricks

Chris Coyier at CSS-Tricks.com (a fantastic resource for designers and developers alike) released a usage license for all of the great code snippets that can be found on his site and in earnest, this is what I want to see from the rest of the web.  I like things open, I like people sharing and helping each other out and generally all just working to make sure that we all benefit one another.  I’m nowhere near as good a code writer as Chris is, so the amount of snippets and resources you’ll find on here are limited, at best, but I try to make up for it by offering to help people whose skills are bit behind mine, with some one-on-one assistance.  It’s not much, but at present, it’s the best I can do.

Regardless, pop on over to CSS-Tricks and have a read of Chris’ license; alternatively, just subscribe to the RSS feed from that site in your reader of choice.   Read More »

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