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Custom WordPress Theme for
Nancy Yeary Women’s Cancer Research Foundation was looking for an upgrade to their existing WordPress site. They had recently undergone a name change, re-branded and has very specific requirements that needed to be met in regards to their new site design. Collaborating with the NYWCRF staff and my good friends at Kreck Design Inc., we set out to provide with an attractive new design and a rock-solid, custom WordPress theme.

After hours of collaborative wire framing and design revisions the current look of was decided upon. The next step was converting an HTML/CSS build out on a development server into a full-featured, custom WordPress theme that would easily pass the test for theme suitability. (Which essentially means you’ve followed along with’s best practices for writing themes. As one should.) (more…)

Vertex Appraisal Services – Dynamic Single Page Site

A dynamic single page site for VertexAppraisals.comIs it possible to make a single page site dynamic enough to capture a user’s attention and make it useful enough that they’ll repeatedly use it as a resource? In short, Yes.

Vertex Appraisal Services new site is a single page site that is fully responsive, designed with mobile devices in mind, dynamic in the manner with which it provides feedback to the user and repeatedly useful through a comprehensive appraisal request form. (more…)

Custom Skinning an Enstore Site for CHC Paint

CHC Paint - Fully Responsive HTML5 and CSS3 siteAccountEdge is a popular accounting/CRM application for small to medium sized businesses and when I say “medium sized” I mean the sort of business that carries 10,000 SKUs in it’s inventory. CHC Paint and Body Shop Supply recently requested a custom built website and also expressed an interest in an online shop. Since they were already using AccountEdge for Point-Of-Sale and wholesale transactions the idea of transferring several thousand SKUs to an eCommerce system through manual data-entry seeming daunting at best. Furthermore, managing inventory across multiple systems that most likely wouldn’t speak to one another without a serious investment in a custom written application quickly dismissed the idea of using something like WooCommerce. The solution presented itself rather quickly however, as AccountEdge (formerly MYOB) has it’s own piece of online retail software known as Enstore. (more…)

Da Notare – Luxury WooCommerce Store

Da Notare - To. Be. Noted.You can build a WooCommerce store to sell pretty much anything, and that’s why I’m such a big fan of WooCommerce, but it was very exciting and fulfilling working on a luxury WooCommerce Store for Da Notare. Da Notare designs and manufactures luxury handbags, wallets and other accessories for women and men.

Their products are inspired by exotic, historic, beautiful and meaningful locales from all across the globe. Each item comes equipped with it’s own story and a brass compass to help you find your way on your travels.  (more…)

Sanger Family Of Wines

The Sanger Family Of Wines by Kreck Design Inc. and Tony Djukic
The Sanger Family of Wines is comprised of 3 Sonoma County, California wineries: Consilience, Tre Anelli and Marianello. Earlier this year Sanger Wines (the parent company) decided that a new look and feel was needed for their sites. Kreck Design Inc. was the primary contact and project management team for the re-design and I was brought in to assist with a ‘mobile first’ design philosophy.

Early on, we determined that the entire series of new sites (Sanger Wines, Consilience and Tre Anelli) should have a common look and feel, or more precisely a shared element so that users would have a visual cue that allowed them to recognize that they were still browsing the Sanger Family of Wines network of sites. Across the top of each of the 3 freshly designed sites, there is a navigation bar clearly displaying the “Sanger Family Of Wines” branding and incorporates navigation that leads back to core functional pages on the primary Sanger Wines site. Even Marianello, the newest of the 3 wineries, whose site had recently been relaunched, had the Sanger Family Of Wines navigation bar retro-fitted into the design. (more…)

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