The Magic Of CSS3

CSS3 Helps Reduce Load Times

Not only did the use of CSS3 allow us to lower load times by requiring fewer images, but look at the size of the images we're using as well.

The great thing about CSS3 is the magnificent manner in which it allows the use of rich depth in website design but without the need for a lot of ‘load-time-increasing’ images.

The EndlessDigital theme currently in use uses all of 2 images for it’s overall look and just a few minutes ago, we swapped out our text-based social media links for 4 little icons.  Which, if your math is any good, brings the total image count for the theme to a whopping 6.

So as site’s get bigger, more complex, more dynamic and whose functionality itself inevitably increases load times, it’s great to have a tool like CSS3 available to designers and developers allowing them to minimize the need for images.

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Perth Academy For Early Learning

Perth Academy Day Care

Perth Academy For Early Learning is no longer operational; as such, the site has been removed and the domain expired.

Perth Academy For Early Learning contacted me a few months ago looking for a 5th remake of their long standing site.  The version that they had up at the time was the one that had been up longest and they felt it was time for a refresh.  Not so much a revamping of the look of the site, which stayed very similar with the exception of the improvements, but really they wanted a usability and social media reworking of the site that had served them relatively well for several years.  The icing on the cake ended up being a series of custom dashboard panes for assorted users. Read More »

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Burlington Bluecreeks Project

Shell Fuelling Change

Smart Dynamic Workforce Solutions put its promotional abilities and know how behind the Halton Conservation Authority’s Burlington Bluecreeks Project with Shell Canada’s Fueling Change competition.

Shell offers $100,000, $50,000 & $25,000 grants to community driven environmental projects based on consumer votes on

The Bluecreeks’ project campaign has expired and is no longer listed on Shell’s site, but you can still view the splash pages hosted by Smart.

The whole Smart project was coded in HTML with a bit of PHP when necessary.  Styling was done using CSS3 and images were used only when necessary, so that as many elements as was possible were created exclusively with CSS3.  The entire project took little over 5 hours to complete, including image editing but not the original layout work that was done for a PDF version and then closely replicated for the web.

(I don’t know who won the camera.)

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The End Of Adobe Flash for Mobile Browsers

Adobe Flash No Longer Focusing On Mobile Browsing

Well, here’s some good news from the people over at Adobe.  It appears that the majority of their ‘mobile work’ from here on in will be HTML5 and CSS3 based, thus encouraging everyone to do what those with any understanding of what’s happening in terms of mobile browsing have had the sense to do for months now – that being the abandonment of Adobe’s bloated Flash Player and associated technologies in favour of HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery-like libraries.  Read More »

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Apple Store App 2.0

Apple Store App featuring Easy Checkout

I just read about the new Apple Store App (version 2.0) and how it essentially allows you to walk into an actual, physical Apple Store, scan the barcode on an item with your iPhone, then purchase the item with your iTunes account.  And ‘voila’ you’re done.  Read More »

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