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New “Contact Me” Vector Icon

Vector Icon for Contact Me website button or link.

Just like in the previous post, while I can’t reveal what exactly this icon is for, I’ve had the pleasure of illustrating another vector icon for a project.  2 in 1 day, a real treat. This was was much simpler to put together than the dashboard version, which, if you recall, is still incomplete.  However, […]

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Sanjeev Goel – New Showcase Site

Sanjeev Goel - Showcase

I recently finished putting together a site for my client and friend, Dr. Sanjeev Goel.  Sanjeev’s involved in a lot of assorted initiatives, both humanitarian and technologically innovative programs in the health care industry – what he needed was a place where we could send people that would give them access to all of his […]

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Revised “Intellidash” Vector Icon

Vector icon for intelliDash

As promised, here is the revised version of the “intelliDash” vector icon that was posted a couple of weeks ago. (Original is here.) The original gauge shows Blood Pressure measurements and the additional gauges include LDL Cholesterol (left) and HbA1C (right). The icon is being used as part of a CSS3 Dock that showcases links […]

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New “IntelliDash” Vector Icon

IntelliDASH icon in Vector

While a lot can’t be revealed about the origin or the source for the illustrated vector icon for IntelliDASH, I must admit that since such a great portion of time is spent coding and solving CSS3 riddles, it was quite refreshing to start with a blank canvas and illustrate something from scratch.

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Facebook Tab for P&G, Wella & Sebastian

Inspired by Wella Professional and Sebastian Professional

Our good friends at Proctor & Gamble’s Wella Inc. once again asked us to provide them with a dynamic and colourful Facebook Tab promoting their new “Student Competition”. (Our previous effort was for their Ottawa Promotional Campaign and while the tab is no longer active, you can still view the content outside of facebook, here.) […]

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