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Ethics in Design / Development

There is a fine balance between your personal ethics and profits.

I’m a freelancer.  I’m a consultant.  I guess sometimes I’m a specialist.  Often, I’m just the guy that you call when you don’t know what exactly needs to be done and you want to apply a creative approach to any deficiencies or gaps you’re seeing in what you do.  I use a MacBook, an iPhone […]

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Dr. Goel Wellness MD – Relaunched

The new website, powered by WooCommerce

We recently re-developed, re-designed and subsequently re-launched the Dr. Goel Wellness MD site.  (  The original iteration was a blog-ish CMS that ended up having a couple of PayPal functions added into it as well as a really nifty shopping cart plugin.  This very quickly however, became a short-coming.  With the volume of sales the site […]

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Synergie 2012

Facebook Tab promoting the synergy 2012 Facebook Album by Wella Canada

More work recently done for Wella Canada (of Proctor-Gamble) – pretty straight-forward; there was a simple requirement for a Facebook Tab that advocated and promoted an album on the Wella Canada Facebook page for the Synergie 2012 event they participated in. The album included photos of the event itself as well as the people attending.

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GoDaddy Password Feature

5 Failed Attempts

I’ve got to admit that a recent occurrence involving GoDaddy left me a bit impressed. About a week ago I was asked by a client to temporarily grant access to a group of Sharepoint developers to the client’s account.  So I logged in, created a temporary, yet complex and secure password, and fired off […]

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Health Quality Innovation Collaborative

For well over a year now, Health Quality Innovation Collaborative has been in development.  It’s an online health portal for physicians, managers and patients running on Microsoft’s Sharepoint.  While the majority of the work has been done in Sharepoint and the lion’s share of the functionality is directly sourced there, we did recently have an opportunity […]

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