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Retrofitting Our “Mobile First” Strategy –

Retrofitting our Mobile First strategy to an existing site.

“Mobile First” is the battle cry for pretty much every design/development team; with today’s ever increasing mobile traffic across the entire web, it’s no surprise either. BUT, what if a client has an existing site that they like, that they want to keep? Except, they also want it to ‘just work on mobile devices too’. […]

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Performance Geek – New WooCommerce Shop

Performance Geek - Get Onnit in Canada from

It’s pretty straight forward; I love WordPress and I love WooCommerce. So when a good friend and I decided to launch an online shop filled with performance supplements and gear, the obvious choice of software was WooCommerce. The WooThemes team has been diligently plugging away for a couple of years now and the end result […]

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WooCommerce Product Add-ons with Custom Labels

Recently, while working with a WooCommerce shop and using the WooCommerce Product Add-ons extension, I encountered a bit of a problem.  I was unable to identify individual form labels to provide them with a custom style.  Each label in the HTML was simply: <label> …with no class attributed to it.  I was able to get […]

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IFTTT – A WP Alternative To Social Plugins


IFTTT is a fantastic web app/service that takes an enormous amount of complexity and compresses it all into the most simplistic formula possible.  That is to say that “IF THIS happens, THEN do THAT”.  It feels almost magical and gives a renewed sense of wonder to the web. One of the most basic set of […]

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Connect LV13 & NATVA 2013 Poken Boards

Proctor & Gamble - Wella Professionals - Connect LV13

So we went to Vegas last month… …yeah, we did.  #EndlessInVegas, that was our hashtag.  Our favourite people over at Proctor & Gamble/Wella Professionals Canada had us down there to help out with the in-person networking (Pokens), social networking, social media, etc for their annual Connect training seminar and for NATVA 2013 (North American TrendVision […]

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