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Usage License from CSS Tricks

Chris Coyier at CSS-Tricks.com (a fantastic resource for designers and developers alike) released a usage license for all of the great code snippets that can be found on his site and in earnest, this is what I want to see from the rest of the web.  I like things open, I like people sharing and helping each other out and generally all just working to make sure that we all benefit one another.  I’m nowhere near as good a code writer as Chris is, so the amount of snippets and resources you’ll find on here are limited, at best, but I try to make up for it by offering to help people whose skills are bit behind mine, with some one-on-one assistance.  It’s not much, but at present, it’s the best I can do.

Regardless, pop on over to CSS-Tricks and have a read of Chris’ license; alternatively, just subscribe to the RSS feed from that site in your reader of choice.  

I’m not posting the content of the license here because I sincerely want to encourage everyone to visit that site, bookmark it, follow it, subscribe to it, etc.  Chris has put a ton of work in and for well over a year now I’ve been turning to his site as a resource over and over again and a lot of stuff that’s he’s posted that I didn’t think I’d need, I ended up using to enhance sites I was working on.  So get over there.

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