Vertex Appraisal Services – Dynamic Single Page Site

A dynamic single page site for VertexAppraisals.comIs it possible to make a single page site dynamic enough to capture a user’s attention and make it useful enough that they’ll repeatedly use it as a resource? In short, Yes.

Vertex Appraisal Services new site is a single page site that is fully responsive, designed with mobile devices in mind, dynamic in the manner with which it provides feedback to the user and repeatedly useful through a comprehensive appraisal request form.

A single page site is, admittedly, very easy to design from a mobile first outset; in these instances content is already stacking and it’s just a matter of refining content display to really optimize it for smaller screens. The beauty here is that you get to pay extra close attention to ensuring it’s all ideally situated on the user’s screen.

Keeping a single page site from looking simplistic and dull however, requires a bit of creativity. What you don’t want is redundant vertical scrolling that just seems to go on for ever and ever, so you’ll want your content broken up into columns and your links should provide visual feedback. With this is accomplished through jQuery driven smooth scrolling and repeated reciprocal links that allow the user to avoid flicking a scroll wheel. The use of very bright and ‘intentional’ looking buttons that have contrasting hover and touch states also adds to the dynamic feedback a user would expect.

The final element is the comprehensive appraisal request form; something that Vertex Appraisal Services clients will find useful and that will allow them to repeatedly make use of a very handy tool. The comprehensive nature of the request form however, does dampen the snappy, dynamic feel of the overall site. So in an effort to prevent it from doing so, the appraisal request form is hidden by default and can be summoned by the user with the click of a button. The visual feedback provided as the form scrolls out from beneath the Appraisal button only furthers the overall dynamism of the site.

The interactive service area map, with Vertex Appraisal Services’ coverage zone clearly marked out with an overlay, also adds an element of dynamism and sophistication.

None of this is rocket science and any coder worth their wage could put this together. What does make this project interesting however is how apparent it became that there was a definite need for some sort of flourish and sophistication within the site and that that need was so heavily driven by the fact that the site was just a single page.

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