The Magic Of CSS3

CSS3 Helps Reduce Load Times

Not only did the use of CSS3 allow us to lower load times by requiring fewer images, but look at the size of the images we're using as well.

The great thing about CSS3 is the magnificent manner in which it allows the use of rich depth in website design but without the need for a lot of ‘load-time-increasing’ images.

The EndlessDigital theme currently in use uses all of 2 images for it’s overall look and just a few minutes ago, we swapped out our text-based social media links for 4 little icons.  Which, if your math is any good, brings the total image count for the theme to a whopping 6.

So as site’s get bigger, more complex, more dynamic and whose functionality itself inevitably increases load times, it’s great to have a tool like CSS3 available to designers and developers allowing them to minimize the need for images.

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