The End Of Adobe Flash for Mobile Browsers

Adobe Flash No Longer Focusing On Mobile Browsing

Well, here’s some good news from the people over at Adobe.  It appears that the majority of their ‘mobile work’ from here on in will be HTML5 and CSS3 based, thus encouraging everyone to do what those with any understanding of what’s happening in terms of mobile browsing have had the sense to do for months now – that being the abandonment of Adobe’s bloated Flash Player and associated technologies in favour of HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery-like libraries. 

I encourage you to read all about it, albeit with a more positive spin than my personal “end of Adobe Flash” take on the matter, directly on Adobe’s website.

I’ve been of the opinion, for quite a while now, that Flash needs to be put to rest in all development environs.  It just doesn’t seem to work the way it should, is super buggy and overly laborious to put to good use on a website.  While this news of Flash being abandoned for mobile browsing (thank you Apple for taking the lead with iOS) I won’t be entirely content until Flash is abandoned from not only the mobile environment, but the internet in general.

However, HTML5 is now universally supported on major mobile devices, in some cases exclusively.  This makes HTML5 the best solution for creating and deploying content in the browser across mobile platforms. We are excited about this, and will continue our work with key players in the HTML community, including Google, Apple, Microsoft and RIM, to drive HTML5 innovation they can use to advance their mobile browsers. ~ Posted By Dany Winokur, VP & GM, Interactive Development at Adobe

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