Sanger Family Of Wines

The Sanger Family Of Wines by Kreck Design Inc. and Tony Djukic
The Sanger Family of Wines is comprised of 3 Sonoma County, California wineries: Consilience, Tre Anelli and Marianello. Earlier this year Sanger Wines (the parent company) decided that a new look and feel was needed for their sites. Kreck Design Inc. was the primary contact and project management team for the re-design and I was brought in to assist with a ‘mobile first’ design philosophy.

Early on, we determined that the entire series of new sites (Sanger Wines, Consilience and Tre Anelli) should have a common look and feel, or more precisely a shared element so that users would have a visual cue that allowed them to recognize that they were still browsing the Sanger Family of Wines network of sites. Across the top of each of the 3 freshly designed sites, there is a navigation bar clearly displaying the “Sanger Family Of Wines” branding and incorporates navigation that leads back to core functional pages on the primary Sanger Wines site. Even Marianello, the newest of the 3 wineries, whose site had recently been relaunched, had the Sanger Family Of Wines navigation bar retro-fitted into the design.

All 3 of the new sites shared common elements and were developed with the expectation that a large percentage of site visitors would be using mobile devices. Since each site had it’s native navigation, specific to the site itself, as well as the Sanger Family Of Wines network navigation, we were presented with a unique problem in terms of how best to handle the navigation on smaller screens. The solution is one that we feel works very well. When viewed on a desktop, the specific winery’s navigation and the Sanger Family Of Wines navigation are kept clearly separate in different navigation areas. On mobile screens however, the navigation is merged into one, clearly marked list that is displayed by toggling the Menu button in the mobile header. You can see the mobile navigation at work in the Consilience Wines preview below.

Consilience Wines - by Kreck Design Inc. and Endless Possibilities Media

Tre Anelli Wines - by Kreck Design Inc. &

Quite a bit of work went into this project but it was one of the most enjoyable ones I’ve worked on in a long, long time. The staff and Sanger Wines and each of the wineries are a pleasure to work with and I’m extremely happy to be part of the Kreck Design team working so closely with Brian and Co.

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