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Perth Academy For Early Learning is no longer operational; as such, the site has been removed and the domain expired.

Perth Academy For Early Learning contacted me a few months ago looking for a 5th remake of their long standing site.  The version that they had up at the time was the one that had been up longest and they felt it was time for a refresh.  Not so much a revamping of the look of the site, which stayed very similar with the exception of the improvements, but really they wanted a usability and social media reworking of the site that had served them relatively well for several years.  The icing on the cake ended up being a series of custom dashboard panes for assorted users.

There are multiple user levels at Perth Academy and each of them, Administrators, Executive Board, On-Site Supervisors, Staff and Parents, were given their own unique access roles and permissions allowing them to view a custom dashboard pane.  Each pane gives the user access to the companies webmail login and a document repository suitable to each user dependant on access level.

The On-Site Supervisors and Staff have additional dashboard options displaying Google calendar’s specific to their centres as well as the standard document repository and webmail access.

The 5th version of the was built using WordPress as a CMS, with the Thematic Framework and a custom built child theme.  The usual array of plugins was applied with a few extras to maximize some of the dashboard features:

An extremely important tool used in the development of the site’s custom dashboard is FullCalendar; a fantastic little jQuery plugin that allowed for a fully customized and cleaned up version of the Google Calendars that are used to display weekly schedules, staff rotations, etc…
One of the main faults with Google Calendar’s default code is that when a calendar is set to private, the Google code will not display until a user is logged in.  We needed a way of displaying the content from the calendar without requiring every staff member to have a shared calendar account.  Only a handful of users actually require the ability to edit the calendars, most of the staff simply look at them.  (Let’s not forget that this plugin actually helps fix the extremely ugly user interface that is the default Google calendar.
FullCalendar in Agenda View for Staff

The calendar here displays this week’s staffing changes for one of Perth Academy’s locations. Each calendar is colour coded to match the location, thus offering staff a quick visual cue as to which location they’re viewing.

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