A New Responsive RibbonCanada.com

Responsive eCommerce Design for RibbonCanada.com
The RibbonCanada.com site we did a few years ago was doing great bringing in traffic and inquiries; Intercontinental Skyline Group, our client, felt that there were missed opportunities in the large amount of traffic they were seeing because they didn’t have a proper eCommerce portion to their site.  After some discussion and showing them a few of our other clients’ sites, we agreed that WooCommerce was the best possible option and started our base design with a great theme called “FlexiShop2” – a full featured, WooCommerce specific, responsive theme.

RibbonCanada.com’s admins were partial to their old site design; they liked the look, the feel, the colours and all they really wanted added was an eCommerce system and whatever widgets, content and elements came with that.  They also wanted the site to be responsive and to work on handheld devices.  Read More »

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What the web should be…

Usage License from CSS Tricks

Chris Coyier at CSS-Tricks.com (a fantastic resource for designers and developers alike) released a usage license for all of the great code snippets that can be found on his site and in earnest, this is what I want to see from the rest of the web.  I like things open, I like people sharing and helping each other out and generally all just working to make sure that we all benefit one another.  I’m nowhere near as good a code writer as Chris is, so the amount of snippets and resources you’ll find on here are limited, at best, but I try to make up for it by offering to help people whose skills are bit behind mine, with some one-on-one assistance.  It’s not much, but at present, it’s the best I can do.

Regardless, pop on over to CSS-Tricks and have a read of Chris’ license; alternatively, just subscribe to the RSS feed from that site in your reader of choice.   Read More »

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TrendVision 2013

TrendVision 2013

Another Facebook Tab for P&G/Wella Professionals TrendVision 2013; this one’s a bit more advanced as it allows users to upload their photo entries for the contest directly through Facebook.

The biggest concern with online forms like this is file validation and security.  While CAPTCHA codes are all the rage these days, we found a novel new “click and drag” authentication test to use. 

Authentication Squares - TrendVision 2013

For a user to authenticate that they are a real person and not a Spambot or Script, they must drag a small square on the left, to a large square on the right with a matching colour.

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P&G Salon Pro Student Competition

P&G Salon Professionals Student Competition - Montreal 2013

Last year we were asked by P&G’s Wella Canada division to put together a simple Facebook tab inviting student stylists to enter a competition that showcased their talents in one of Wella’s key style trends for the year.  The tab was a great success, as was the competition itself, and so we were invited to create a tab for this year’s competition as well.

We turned the volume up a bit and went for a bolder design. We paid a great deal more attention to the mobile web as well; the tabs are not only responsive, but also feature retina ready images for double pixel density devices like iPhones 4 & 5 and the newest generation iPads.

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Responsive Facebook Tab Framework

Responsive trumps unresponsive design.

Keeping in step with our new policy of designing and developing sites in a responsive manner, so that they function with both desktop and mobile devices in a manner specific to those devices (unless we have a good reason not to), we decided to put together a framework for Responsive Facebook Tabs.

One of the easiest ways to integrate your site’s or your company’s web presence with Facebook is to use a ‘page tab’ as a Facebook App. It is essentially just an iframe and we’re not going to get into the details of how to get a ‘page tab’ or ‘app’ set up on Facebook, there’s tons of documentation for that already.

Instead, we’re breaking down what we put into our Responsive Facebook Tab Framework, why we put those things in it and a step-by-step guide to setting it up.  (Hint:  it’s dead simple.)  

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