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Nancy Yeary Women’s Cancer Research Foundation was looking for an upgrade to their existing WordPress site. They had recently undergone a name change, re-branded and has very specific requirements that needed to be met in regards to their new site design. Collaborating with the NYWCRF staff and my good friends at Kreck Design Inc., we set out to provide with an attractive new design and a rock-solid, custom WordPress theme.

After hours of collaborative wire framing and design revisions the current look of was decided upon. The next step was converting an HTML/CSS build out on a development server into a full-featured, custom WordPress theme that would easily pass the test for theme suitability. (Which essentially means you’ve followed along with’s best practices for writing themes. As one should.)

For the base coat, we started with Ian Stewart’s ‘_underscores’ theme framework – the very same framework that Automattic uses to develop the default themes that ship with each new version of WordPress. _Underscores really is a fantastic starting point. They call it the 1000 hour head start. Is that true? I don’t honestly know, but more importantly, I do know that I don’t want to find out by trying to write all that code myself. I imagine it would be about as practical as trying mold new wheels for your car; just because.

As is the SOP here, we avoided using images in the layout and managed to keep it down to one, the official Nancy Yeary Women’s Cancer Research Foundation logo. All other elements of the layout, from colours, blocks, circles, buttons and social media icons, are strictly a combination of HTML and CSS.

The final step before completion was integration with the DonorPerfect service.

In closing… …if you hate cancer and I know you, because who doesn’t hate cancer?… …then consider visiting and donating a bit. Just a thought. No pressure.

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