GoDaddy Password Feature

5 Failed Attempts

I’ve got to admit that a recent occurrence involving GoDaddy left me a bit impressed.

About a week ago I was asked by a client to temporarily grant access to a group of Sharepoint developers to the client’s account.  So I logged in, created a temporary, yet complex and secure password, and fired off an email letting the developers know.  Within 5 or 6 hours, they’d notified me that the work was done and I changed the password settings back to what my client had initially wanted them to be.

Over the weekend my client and his Sharepoint developers decided to make some changes to the MX Records.  Logically, the developers tried to access the account using the temporary password I had created for them and when it didn’t work, they asked me to once again grant them access.  No problem.

I figured the easiest thing to do would be to use the password I created for them the first time they were granted access, however, since they had attempted to gain access with it earlier, informed me that 5 failed attempts had been blocked, with THAT password, and that I had to choose another.

I think this is brilliant and good on for instituting this sort of policy and keeping track of these things for me.

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