Dr. Goel Wellness MD – Relaunched

The new drgoel.ca website, powered by WooCommerce

We recently re-developed, re-designed and subsequently re-launched the Dr. Goel Wellness MD site.  (www.drgoel.ca)  The original iteration was a blog-ish CMS that ended up having a couple of PayPal functions added into it as well as a really nifty shopping cart plugin.  This very quickly however, became a short-coming.  With the volume of sales the site was doing monthly, two things became exceedingly apparent:

  1. The ecommerce aspect of Dr.Goel.ca wasn’t good enough to allow staff to manage orders and establish customer relationships
  2. A lot of potential sales were being missed out on because the site didn’t look right for the sort of business it was doing; it looked like a blog that sold a couple of things, whereas it needed to look like an online shop, promoting preventative health care and wellness

Turns out we were right on both counts.  Once we’d installed the open-source and free, Woo-Commerce (by the wonderful folks at Woo Themes) and built up a custom child theme from one of their ecommerce ready commercial themes, we noticed immediate spikes in site traffic, sales and in the number of one-to-one relationships that were established with customers all over the world.

A quick explanation regarding the emphasis being placed on customer relationships; Dr. Goel Wellness MD doesn’t sell $0.99 cent songs or $20.00 books.  It’s predominant sales items are big-ticket, high-priced, lifestyle changing products. A very large cross section of the customers making purchases from the site do so because they feel that the decision they’re making is supported by a licensed health professional.  (Dr. Goel is a licensed family physician.)  If you’re spending $600+ every three months to improve your quality of life as you age, you’re going to want two things from your vendor:

  1. Does it work? Is there factual support to suggest it does, and…
  2. What else can I do to ensure I get the maximum benefit from a product like this?  If I’m spending the money, I may as well do what I can to ensure that it will work.

With this sort of requirement and with Dr. Goel’s ability to actually provide it, the ability to communicate and keep in touch with customers is probably the greatest key contribution that the Woo-Commerce system provides.

Reservation module on drgoel.caA few weeks after the relaunch (beginning of May) we also added additional functionality to the site that wasn’t available through Woo-Commerce via a neat little plugin called easyReservations.  Dr. Goel Wellness MD owns a nice plot of land with a beautiful cottage on it that is available for rent to people looking for a relaxing getaway. (see Nottawasaga River Retreat)  To showcase and promote the location, we used a combination of the Woo-Commerce product listing and the easyReservations booking and PayPal payment module.  The end result was very satisfactory.

Product page for the Nottawasaga River Retreat on drgoel.ca

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