Custom Skinning an Enstore Site for CHC Paint

CHC Paint - Fully Responsive HTML5 and CSS3 siteAccountEdge is a popular accounting/CRM application for small to medium sized businesses and when I say “medium sized” I mean the sort of business that carries 10,000 SKUs in it’s inventory. CHC Paint and Body Shop Supply recently requested a custom built website and also expressed an interest in an online shop. Since they were already using AccountEdge for Point-Of-Sale and wholesale transactions the idea of transferring several thousand SKUs to an eCommerce system through manual data-entry seeming daunting at best. Furthermore, managing inventory across multiple systems that most likely wouldn’t speak to one another without a serious investment in a custom written application quickly dismissed the idea of using something like WooCommerce. The solution presented itself rather quickly however, as AccountEdge (formerly MYOB) has it’s own piece of online retail software known as Enstore.

The decision to use Enstore made itself, yet, there was still the pressing issue concerning how plyable Enstore’s pre-made templates would be in terms of getting the online, hosted shop, to match the look and feel of the custom built HTML site.

Using Enstore Designer and their base template we managed to replicate the style and behavior of the primary site, where we had all the flexibility we could possibly have wanted. There were some constraints and we did occasionally feel restricted within the confines of Enstore Designer, and updates are a bit of a bother as they don’t always immediately take hold when uploading new versions, but overall the project worked.

Both the primary CHC Paint site and the Enstore shop include elements from HTML 5 Kickstart and both the primary site and the shop were built with ‘mobile first’ as the key design guideline. Adding products from within AccountEdge to Enstore is still a bit of a process and since Enstore hosts the product images, there are a few restrictions that have to be observed, but overall, it’s a cost effective solution for any business that wants an online shop, but that doesn’t want to have to re-write it’s operating procedures to accommodate new software.
Custom Built Enstore Template to match existing site.

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