Connect LV13 & NATVA 2013 Poken Boards

Proctor & Gamble - Wella Professionals - Connect LV13

So we went to Vegas last month… …yeah, we did.  #EndlessInVegas, that was our hashtag.  Our favourite people over at Proctor & Gamble/Wella Professionals Canada had us down there to help out with the in-person networking (Pokens), social networking, social media, etc for their annual Connect training seminar and for NATVA 2013 (North American TrendVision Award 2013). We even ended up doing a bit of filming and video editing, but you know how it is, EndlessDigital isn’t anything if it isn’t versatile.

Prior to our trip we had to put together some fun survey and document collection posters for the Poken program that was instituted.  (Learn all about Pokens here.) In short, Pokens are these great little USB Flash drives that act as digital business cards.  Touch two of them together and the information, from person-to-person is swapped in milliseconds.  Plug your Poken into your USB port and you’ve synced all the data you’ve collected from the convention/trade show/seminar floor is uploaded to the event’s personalized portal.  Pretty amazing stuff.  


In addition to the posters for the Poken tags, we also put together some image galleries to plug into the Poken portals with iframes (…so old school…) and we also conjured up a few desktop wallpapers for the many, many Macs we had there to serve our guests.  We’ve got quite a few examples below, so take your time and browse through them.


poken-board-wella-documents poken-board-sebastian-documents
poken-board-nioxin-documents poken-board-colorcharm-documents
poken-board-clairol-documents poken-board-alter-egos-survey



North American TrendVision Award 2013 - Desktop

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