A New Responsive RibbonCanada.com

Responsive eCommerce Design for RibbonCanada.com
The RibbonCanada.com site we did a few years ago was doing great bringing in traffic and inquiries; Intercontinental Skyline Group, our client, felt that there were missed opportunities in the large amount of traffic they were seeing because they didn’t have a proper eCommerce portion to their site.  After some discussion and showing them a few of our other clients’ sites, we agreed that WooCommerce was the best possible option and started our base design with a great theme called “FlexiShop2” – a full featured, WooCommerce specific, responsive theme.

RibbonCanada.com’s admins were partial to their old site design; they liked the look, the feel, the colours and all they really wanted added was an eCommerce system and whatever widgets, content and elements came with that.  They also wanted the site to be responsive and to work on handheld devices. 

We used WooCommerce because WooThemes eCommerce plugin for WordPress is the easiest to use, install, modify, and customize.  Additionally, the support WooThemes offer as well as the myriad of extensions (both in house and third party) are tough to beat.  Oh hell, let’s be honest.  I just like WooThemes and their products/services.

Custom Printing Choices From RibbonCanada.com

Fig. 1 – We had to modify the extension/plugin and CSS to get the custom fonts to display.

One of the features that RibbonCanada.com required most was the ability to have customers order custom printed ribbon.  Now, unlike typical product configurations that have options limited to what the seller has or is willing to provide, a custom printing feature requires a lot of flexibility and input from the customer.  To solve this issue, we went with the amazingly simple to use Product Add-Ons extension from WooThemes.  The end result, after a bit of code cutting and CSS styling on our end, is pretty, pretty nice. (Fig. 1)

We use a great little bookmarklet called Viewport Resizer to help us test a pages responsive behaviour on a wide variety of handheld devices.  Download it here and test it out on some of your favourite sites.

The end result is something we’re pretty happy with and can’t wait to launch their second site, built on the same frameworks but looking substantially different.

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